Conference for Regenerating Hubbards Hills

As part of the consultation and development process necessary to regenerate Hubbards Hills we are proposing to hold a Conference in the Autumn at Louth Town Hall.

The programme will include a welcome from our Chairperson setting out the aims for the day, a keynote speaker, workshops led by professionals on the various areas of research and funding topics e.g geological, flora and fauna and tree survey needs, and education proposals. We will be inviting representatives of ELDC, and other organisations, as well as those with important knowledge of the area including local schools. There will follow a plenary in the form of an open meeting to which the people of Louth are invited to a ‘question and answer / suggestion’ session. It is our intention to involve the community at all stages of the work to ensure that the debate is open and transparent and includes the peoples’ viewpoint.

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