Come to Hubbard’s Hills
A lovely place to play!
Enjoy its natural beauty
For ever and a day.

To keep it as it is
We need a lot of dough
From each and every source
We have a long, long way to go.

Louth’s green and pleasant place
Holds many memories dear
Of sunny, happy days
And air that’s oh, so clear.

Birds and squirrels take flight
Through ancient woodland trees
And many flowers bright
Attract butterflies and bees.

This gateway to the Wolds
Upon our doorstep here
With our lovely, babbling brook,
Which even has a weir!

To keep this lovely spot
Unspoilt and clean and fresh
For future generations
Your money we request!

So, please help Hubbard’s Hills;
For the trustees and its friends,
Their management and time
Will simply never end.

Our lovely market town
Can offer such a lot;
Let’s keep it wonderful,
Support our local beauty spot.

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