Draft Management Plan

When the Hubbards Hills Trust was formed in 2009 Louth’s favourite beauty spot was looking past its best. The Trustees knew their most important task, after looking after the day-to-day maintenance of the Hills, would be to draw up a management plan and then look for money to carry out the essential work needed to restore the Hills to their former glory.
The Trustees were delighted when early in 2011 the Wolds Countryside Service awarded the charity a substantial grant from their Sustainable Development Fund to put together a management plan which would take the Hills forward into the 21st century.
Tree specialist Mark Hudson, who already had experience of working in Hubbards Hills, was engaged to mastermind this work and he was assisted by the Lincolnshire Wolds’ Chalk Stream officer Ruth Snelson. The Environment Agency kindly provided advice too.
Mindful of the original Trust deed which requires the Hills to retain their natural beauty, Mark and Ruth have produced a plan which they hope will allow the public to continue to enjoy the Hills to the full but with an eye to safeguarding the natural balance of Hubbards Hills too.
Mark and his colleagues agree that whilst many visitors will say they do not wish to see the Hills change, it is not an option to do nothing. The Hills are constantly changing and without work on the trees and the river, the site will continue to deteriorate and look sad and neglected. We owe it to future generations to plan for the future so they too can enjoy this beauty spot which is so special to the people of Louth and the thousands of people who visit each year.
Louth Town Council has given the Plan its blessing and the Hubbards Hills Advisory Group has made constructive comments on the details of the plan. Now it is the turn of the public to have their say.
We hope you will enjoy reading the document and that you will find time to complete our questionnaire or write with your comments over the coming weeks. There are paper copies of the document to view at The Sessions House in Eastgate, Perkins Pantry in Mercer Row, Louth Library, Louth Town Hall Area office and Louth Museum in Broadbank, if you prefer.
Your comments can either be emailed or sent to Hubbards Hills Consultation, The Sessions House, Eastgate, Louth. The closing date for your comments is September 30 2011.

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